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Statement of IHEC spokesperson


Themandated judge,Mr.laith jabber, the spokesperson of IHEC, stated that the BoC which is consisted of the mandated judges, held a meeting to discuss about the third amendment of the parliamentary elections law No.(45) of 2013. According to the decisions of the federal court No.99/104/106 in 2018/6/21 that included the following in one of its paragraphs “if any violations, related to falsifications of votes or any matter that effect the will of the voter, were proved then a manual sorting and counting will be run to these votes only without prejudice to votes which were legally casted whether the voting process was performed inside or outside Iraq”. This comes as stipulated in article No.(1) of the third amendment of the parliamentary electoral law. Therefore the Board of the commissioners has decided the following:


1.    according to the decision of the federal court mentioned above, run a manual resorting and recounting process only for the electoral offices listed in the appeal and complaints reportswithout prejudice to any other legally casted votes this come as tribute to the will of the voter. The mentioned decision issued by IHEC could be appealed by the federal court of cassations.

2.    All the GEOs director, which are ran by the mandated judges, will be instructed to transport the ballots and electronic verification devices of the provinces listed in complaints reports to its specific locations in Baghdad and this must be run under maximum-security in accordance with province police and army forces. The operation will be supervised directly by the GEO director (the delegated judge). The date of the manual counting and sorting process will be appointed later on in the presence of the UN representatives and the political entities and candidates agents 


Translated by: Ali Kareem