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Statement issued by BoC (mandated judges) in IHEC



At the time the IHEC (the judges assigned to it) on Tuesday 3/7/2018 began the process of sorting and counting of the province of Kirkuk, during the transition to that province there were considerable concerns before we reach the city of Kirkuk by what we hear from some media outlets, however, despite the great difficulties in the mechanism needed by the process of partial counting and sorting, we found from the people of Kirkuk, especially employees who participated in the process of counting and sorting of different communities a very high national feeling and an example to be followed for national unity among all the people of Kirkuk province. They were racing in a similar way to accomplish the tasks entrusted to them as they were racing to provide the necessary protection for the cadre of judges and all staff,We also found complete reassurance by the representatives of political entities and civil society organizations and they were very supportive to us in the completion of the process, where no representative of the mentioned entities intervention in the process of counting and sorting, but were keen to carry out the process honestly and impartially and sincerely, and they were the biggest supporter to achieve that. The process was also under the direct supervision of UN representatives,Therefore, we thank with great gratitude and patriotism all the people of Kirkuk, they were the real unity of Iraq and we also thank all the staff who participated in the counting and sorting and we are fully confident that Kirkuk is the supreme example of the unity of Iraq and the starting point for building it.


The Board of Commissioners in IHEC