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A statementfrom the IHEC official spokesperson



The IHEC official spokesperson (Mandated Judge) Mr. Laith Jabr Hamza said that the task assigned by the Board of Commissioners (mandated judges) under the third amendment to the electoral law is not in the form of what some perceive as a mere recounting of votes, but include the manual recounting and resorting processaccording to legal contexts set by theelectoral laws and regulations.

In  addition to the procedures stated in the decision of the Federal Supreme Court in this regard, as it requires first to review all the challenges and complaints submitted to the BoC(currently suspended from work) And the complaints including the claim for manual recounting as stated in the decision of the Federal Supreme Court then  resorting the stations which received  the challenges about them for those that have not been challenged as well as shall be demanded from the IHEC offices either in Baghdad or governoratesfor preparation of these stations to move to the governorates that cannot bring ballot boxes in Baghdad and bring the ballot boxes in the rest of the governorates to Baghdad for  manual recounting as well as to consider the challenges received abroad and to discuss the mechanism of bringing the ballot boxes to Baghdad or move according to the circumstances to the countries where the stations are contested validity results After the completion of all these procedures under the supervision of the United Nations , international observers , representatives of embassies of the world and representatives of political parties,

The results will be announced in a total which can be challenged before the judicial body of the elections in the Federal Court of Cassation and after the end of these appeals will send a list of winners to the Federal Supreme Court For approval under the Constitution.