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Statement issued by the board of commissioners (BoC)


The BoC, which is consisted of the mandated judges held a meeting in IHEC on 23rd, June 2018. The meeting centered on many important matters related to the manual resorting and recounting in accordance with the third amendment of the Iraqi parliamentary elections law No.(45) of 2013. Serious decisions, in regard with starting manual resorting and recounting process which will take place.


One of the decisions was to run an investigation about the fire which broke out in the stores of ballotsin Alrisafa electoral offices.


The general directors of the electoral offices conferred about the requirements of the sorting and counting process in accordance of the third amendment of the parliamentary election law No.(45) of 2013. The right decisions was taken about applying the provisions of article (5) of the law aforementioned concerning the suspension of the chief electoral office, the members of the commissioners and the GEOs general directors.


Instruct all the GEOs directors (the mandated judges) to inspect the stores of the ballots, verification electronic devices and all assistive equipment, and sending reports of inspection to IHEC. The decisions emphasized the necessity of providing high security to stores of the ballots by cooperating with Police Directorates of the provinces.


Its  necessitatedthat all mass media should take precision in reporting news into consideration by following IHEC original resources and the spokesperson of the IHEC  mandated judge Mr.laithjabber. The process of manual sorting and counting will start after finishing the requirements of the third amendment of the parliamentary electoral law.


IHEC also mourns the loss of one of its staff who was killed in an accident while he was on duty.


Translated by: Ali Kareem