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IHEC hold a press conference to show the latest preparations of the Parliamentary Election


IHEC held a press conference for international, local and foreign mass media in order to declare the final report of the electoral process statistics.  The reports included the number of general and special polling centers, number of polling stations and the total number of the voters which include IDPs, Military forces, prisoners and mass media, as well as, numbers of the international observers, entities monitors and the staff of polling centers and stations.

The chairperson of BoC Mr.Maan Al-haitawi initiated the conference, talking about the latest preparations to run the parliamentary Election. He also referred to the important role of UN, as well as, the mass media in mirroring the latest news about IHEC; for being important partners in the electoral process.

The deputy of the chairperson of BoC Mr.Rizkar Hamah also referred to the importance of IDPs voting to ensure the participation of all Iraqis.

For his part, the chief electoral officer Dr.Ryidh Al-Badran called to Iraqis to head to the polling centers on the Election Day to succeed the democratic process. He also stated that IHEC cooperating with entities and political parties, showing that the process of counting and sorting will be electronic and the results will be soon accessible via the connecting all the polling centers to the main results servers, nevertheless, the final results will not be declared until matching it in order to get accurate results.

The member of the BoC Mr.Mutammed Al-Mosawi announced the number of the polling centers all over Iraq which is (7919) and the number of the polling stations (49677) distributed in all provinces. He also stated the number of the general voters which is (22525282), adding that the number of the special polling center is (494) across Iraq and the number of polling station is (2239), providing the number of voters in special voting which is (943639). IHEC customized (1556) polling stations for IDPs.

The Spokesperson of IHEC Mr.Kareem Al-Timimy revealed the number of the statistics of Out of Country voting, providing that (130) polling centers and (667) were opened in various countries to ensure and facilitate the voting process for the Iraqis living abroad.

Mr.Saed Al-kahaky, the member of the BoC, announced the number of the international, national observers, political parties agents , mass media who will participate in the elections monitoring included (74646) national observer, (963) international observers, (329) international media employee, as well as, (133415) political parties agents to monitor the electoral process.

Mr.Hazim Al-rideny, the member of the BoC, talked about role of the national monitors and the civil society organization. He also showed the attenders the numbers of organizations and local mass media accredited by IHEC.

Its mentioned that IHEC made enormous efforts to obtain more transparency in accomplishing its duties through showing all information and data, related to the electoral process, to the media


Translated By: Ali Kareem