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IHEC holds conference for the International Observers


IHEC held conference for the international observers who will monitor and following-up the workflow of the electoral process.

Conference was attended by the chairperson of the BoC Mr. Maan AL-haitawi, and the members of the BoC Mr.Saed AL-kahkay, Mr.Rizkar Hamah, Mr.Hazim Al-Rideny, as well as, the representatives of the foreign embassies the international organizations.

The conference centered on the mechanisms and procedures that IHEC followed in the electoral centers, the distribution of the mass media and the international observers to ensure the success of the electoral process.

The voting process was displayed in a tutorial video to show the procedures followed in voting and to show the mechanisms of the electronic devices.

The conference targeted was to ensure a free and fair conduct of the electoral process through identifying the followed steps and procedures by IHEC.


Translated By: Ali Kareem