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BoC delegation vistis Al-Muthana GEO


BoC delegation, chaired by the deputy chairman Mr. Rizkar Hamah, the member of the BoC Mr. Moutamed Namah, has visited Al-Muthana GEO on 4th May, 2018. The delegation was received by the director of the office Mr. Saad Al-Abedly.

Mr.Rizkar Hamah called the staff of IHEC to join efforts and to overcome all the current difficulties in order to run the parliamentary election on the appointed date.

Mr.Moutamed Namah talked about IHEC preparations in organizing polling centers, providing the logistic materials, training staff on voting mechanisms and procedures, as well as, reassuring the public opinion about the efficiency of the electronic devices which have been examined through the mock election process that IHEC made.

 At last, BoC delegation made a press conference to announce the latest statistics related to the electoral process, as well as, replying many questions asked by media mass.

Its mentioned that BoC delegation continue to run inspection visits to GEOs to brief the last preparations to run the parliamentary election on 12th May, 2018. 

Translated By: Ali Kareem