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BoC delegation visits Najaf GEO


BoC delegation, chaired by Mr.Rizkar Hamah and the member of BoC Mr.moutammed Al-mosawi, met Adil hamza the director of Najaf GEO on 3rd May, 2018. The two parties discussed the ongoing preparations to run the parliamentary election.

Mr.moutamed almosawi held a press conference and it was centerd on reassuring all partners of the electoral process. He also added " we are looking forward to run fair and free election according to the international standards.

Al-mosawi called all the voters to check the registry centers in order to receive the electronic voter card so that they could participate in the upcoming election on 12th of May.

 Its mentioned that BoC is paying many visits to the GEOs across Iraq to brief on the latest preparations for the upcoming parliamentary election.

Translated By: Ali Kareem