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Mr.Mutaamed Al-mosawi meets the UNAMI to evaluate the electoral assistance


The member of the board of commissioners and the supervisor of the gender team,Mr.Moutaamed Almosawi, met the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq( UNAMI)to support the IHEC headed by Zoran Trajkovski at his office , in the presence of the Gender Team , on 7thMarch 2018.

At the beginning of the meeting, Al- Mosawi welcomed the UNAMI and he referred to the IHEC’s role and prepared schedule to run the upcoming parliamentary election. As well as he explained the new mechanisms and the electronic technology that IHEC adopted to conduct the electoral process.

Mr. Moutamed emphasized the important efforts and the plan to coordinate and contact with the other institutions made by the Gender Team.

During the meeting Al-mosawi has referred to the essential role of woman in the electoral event as a candidate and voter, as well as, taking into consideration to take up the woman a leadership positions in the Iraqi state as being an important partner in the political process.

He added that IHEC has set a strategic plan to support the woman and her significant participationin the voting process and through nominating to the Representative and Provincial councils elections.

The UNAMI commended the Gender team efforts in IHEC, calling to invest the important projects that set by the UN to support the woman. In addition to forming an important group of women and providing them with political, social and cultural support, beside motivating and encouraging  them to have main role in the political Iraqi field in future.

            Its mentioned that the IHEC’s Gender Team is carrying out its work continuously within the plan set under the supervision of the BoC’s Member Mr. Moutaamed Al-mosawi.