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Chairperson and Deputy of BoC meet British Ambassador


The Chairperson of Board of Commissioners (BoC) Mr. Sarbast Mustafa Rasheed and the Deputy of (BoC) Mr. Qatie al Zobay met the British Ambassador Mr. Frank Baker in Iraq at the IHEC headquarter on 14\12\2016 

During the meeting, they talked about the preparations of the IHEC to run the Province Councils non-organized within a region of 2017 and the reasons made the IHEC postpone the elections from 20\04\2016 to September of the same year

They also talked about the projects adopted by the IHEC such as the Biometric Registration, the increasing of numbers voters biometrically and the importance of this national project which contributes in reducing the electoral violations, as well as detailed explanation for the procedures done by the IHEC to register voters in the areas of displacement because of the terrorist groups which witnessed military operations 

At the end of the meeting, the British Ambassador praised the IHEC role and success to run the electoral events despite of the challenges faced its work

It is mentioned that the BoC in the IHEC continues meeting with International and Local figures and the Social Activities because the IHEC is the basic theme of democracy in Iraq. It gained its experiences and became the focus of the international, Arabic and Iraqi people   attention        

Translated by

Rasha Khalil