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IHEC organizes Workshop for Gender Team


The IHEC organized a workshop for the Gender Team in Sulaymaniyah for three days started on 08\12\2016. In the presence of the Board of Commissioners Member Mrs. Gulshan Kamal Ali and the members of the Gender Team in the National Office and Provinces offices 

The workshop included topics concerned with gender and find out the procedures to improve its work, concerning the participation of woman in political, social and economic fields 

During the three days of the workshop, they discussed the concept of Gender and its aims, and the woman's quota and its reflections on the Iraqi woman condition in the state institutions. They explained the reflection of the term of Gender in laws and international agreements interested in Gender, also discussed the legal and social matters that help woman to be effective in all fields in the society as well as the aims needed to improve Gender. They discussed the conditions of several countries and the effective roles of woman in their parliaments such as (Rwanda)

She Praised the participants in the workshop, and the recommendations sent to the Board of Commissioners to be discussed and take a suitable decision for them           

Translated by

Rasha Khalil