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IHEC attends Extra Meeting of Council of Ministers


The IHEC attended the meeting of the Council of Ministers in the evening on Sunday 04\12\2016 in order to discuss the draft of the Law of Province and District Council Elections after amending on it

The IHEC represented by the Chairperson of the Board of Commissioners Mr. Sarbast Mustafa Rasheed, the Chief of electoral office Mr. Wael al Waeli and the Spokesperson and the Board of Commissioners Member Mr. Muqdad al Sharify. The meeting headed by Dr. Haider al Abadi. The conclusion of this meeting is canceling the townships Council and reducing the number of province councils seats according to the Law draft that has been discussed with the IHEC 

The amendment on the draft law would be sent by the Ministers Council to the House of Representatives to be discussed in order to legislate the law and work by it

It is mentioned that the IHEC is preparing to run the Province Councils Elections of 2017    


Translated by

Rasha Khalil