Electoral Administration

Electoral Administration

Electoral Administration (EA) is the administrative and executive part of the IHEC. It is headed by the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO). It is responsible for developing plans and procedures of electoral events and submits them to the Board of Commissioners (BoC) for approval. EA consists of the IHEC HQ and 19 GEOs in addition to the Kurdistan Regional Office. Voter Registration Centers (VRCs) are linked to the GEOs in the governorates. VRCs register voters to produce and regularly update a transparent and complete voter register which is necessary for referenda and elections. GEOs have sub-centers in the governorates, which in turn, are sub-divided into polling centers. Each polling center contains from 1 to 6 polling stations.

Article five of the IHEC law NO. (11) of 2007 that the EA should:

A-  EA consists of the IHEC HQ, 19 GEOs and the KRO in the light of a structural organogram suggested by the CEO approved by the BoC. The CEO manages the EA, which is approved by the BoC and other parties authorized by the BoC to run its businesses and ensure sound conduct.

B- EA is responsible for implementing regulations and decisions issued by the BoC and manage all operational, executive and procedural activities nationally and regionally.

C-  High positions in the EA HQ such as the CEO Deputies and general directors are nominated by the CEO and approved by the BoC with a 5 – 8 vote of majority. As for the appointment of GEO and KRO directors, they are nominated by a majority of five members of parliament from the particular governorate/region; the BoC selects and approve the incumbents with a majority of at least five commissioners.

D- GEO directors are accountable to perform their duties before the CEO who is entitled to call them to account and suggest replacing inefficient ones in terms of the same paragraph (C).

     IHEC Structure

   Regulation No.(22) of 2010 KREO’s laws and regulations