Complaints about polling and counting must be submitted within 2 days of the alleged

violation by eligible voters and political entity agents. They can be submitted at polling

stations and polling centers, Governorate Election Offices, count centers, the Kurdistan

Regional Electoral Office, the Data Entry Center, the OCV country offices, and at the IHEC

National Office. The pre-printed IHEC complaints form (form 110/2010) must be used (see

annex 1 for sample).                 

For regular voting in Iraq, counting will take place immediately after the close of polls. For

absentee and special voting, the ballots will be transported to count centers and counted

there. This means that complaints about the counting of absentee and special ballots may

arise some days after polling. Moreover, the counting of ballots cast at a polling station in the

out-of-country process (OCV) may have to wait until any challenges to the OCV voters list

have been resolved. This means that complaints about OCV counting process may also be

received some days after polling day.

All complaints are forwarded to the Legal Advisory and Complaints Department at the IHEC

National Office. At the National Office, the complaints are immediately logged, and

information about each complaint is entered into a database. The complaints are reviewed to

determine whether they meet the formal requirements for complaints and, if so, if they could

affect the results. The complaints that meet these conditions are handled on a priority basis.

Other complaints that meet the formal requirements but cannot affect the results are

investigated as a lower priority. If a complaint does not meet the formal requirements, it will

be rejected by the Board.

The Legal Advisory and Complaints Department at the National Office requests information

from other IHEC staff to investigate the complaint if this is necessary. This could involve, for

example, investigations by a GEO complaints unit or an OCV country office, or obtaining

information from the DEC or the Voter Registration Section. Once the Legal Advisory and

Complaints Department has obtained the necessary information, it will prepare a

recommended decision for the Board of Commissioners. If the Board finds that there is

adequate e evidence to support the allegation, it may take appropriate measures, including

invalidating  votes and imposing sanctions. If there is not adequate evidence, the Board will

reject the complaint. The Legal Advisory and Complaints Department will inform the Data

Entry Center and  other IHEC sections of the decision adopted by the Board. The Legal

Advisory and Complaints Department will also prepare the decisions for publication in 3

newspapers in 2 languages and on the IHEC website, as well as the OCV website.


  HEC established  the following  email and phone numbers for complaints concerning the media campaign for PEs and  candidates




complaints procedures for 2010 election

Regulation No.16 Complaints and Appeals


 Form 110 (Complaints) Arabi

Note: This  form is only  a sample. It does not contain a serial number.:. 

Board of   Commissioners(BOC)  Concering Complaints

Polling Stations ,Which BOC decided to Cancel their votes

Complaints which BOC decided  to response concerning  Out of Country voting 

Complaints Which BOC decided to response concerning in governorates

BOC Decision to not  accredit  some of political entites  agents

BOC Decision to find some some of political entites

Polling Stations that  BOC Decided Re-count  thier vote 


BOC Decision to reject all complaints concerning  COR elections 2010 (Governorates)

BOC Decision to reject all complaints concerning COR elections 2010 (Out of Country Voting)