Commissioners Countcil

1. A law has been enacted for the creation of IHEC on February 26th, 2007. According to certain legislations, it is required that the parliament chooses nine commissioners.


2. Within the United Nations' Delegation to assist Iraq, the office of electoral assistance submitted its recommendations to the Iraqi parliament, which embraced best procedures for the process of choosing the members of the commissioners' counsel in IHEC. The recommendations focused on the following: competition, openness, independence, and transparency.


3. Fourteen members have been appointed by the parliament on March 29th, 2007. Those 14 members have been chosen from 6 parliamentary committees: legal, integrity, eradication of former ruling party, counsels of territories and provinces, civic community, and feminine committee. The first vice of the parliament Sheikh ''Khalid Al-Atyah'' was named its chief.


4. In coordination with the United Nations Delegation, the committee identified the process of requests submission, their review, preparation of interviews' lists, identifying a time limit for these interviews, and ultimately delivery of the lists over to the parliament on April 26th, 2007 for the purpose of endorsing them.


5. Requests have been advertised on in more than 400 media means. It has also been agreed with the United Nations Delegation to assist Iraq, the two ends agreed upon the process of picking up members wholly, getting acquainted with random samples of the requests applied to the committee. Moreover, reasons why certain requests have been rejected; as they do not conform to the minimum level of qualifying terms, were explained.


6. After the duration for requests' submission is extended, the committee received 1313 requests by electronic e-mail, submitted to the parliament, as well as paper initiation- irredundant- among these, 96 requests for women who are willing to run for candidacy. The United Nations Delegation to assist Iraq got acquainted with the requests thoroughly on April 10th, 2007, where the delegation was present at the time the parliament inspected and went through more than 1313 requests.


7. Getting the aid of the United Nations Delegation to assist Iraq, of 1313 candidates, the committee of the parliament sorted only 356 candidates and then narrowed the number to 256 candidates. It has interviewed them all in person and in the presence of representatives of the International Delegation for assistance. Each member of the committee picks ten candidates to look into them and eventually decide on accepting them or not.


8. after back-and-forth review and consultation, 35 candidates have been contacted, approved of, and the number was sized down to become 23. It has been agreed upon nine of them and four are placed in as substitutes. They have been questioned about their expertise, professional and political, their partisan inclinations and independency. The United Nations Delegation confirmed the fact that it took into consideration regulations of registration and categorization and this is done according to the international terms and standards, in a transparent genre. The United Nations Delegation recorded that any segregation regulation or auditing could be described as illogical or arbitrary.       

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