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Statement issued by the spokesperson of IHEC


Mr. laith jabbur( the mandated judge), IHEC spokesperson, stated that the transporting of provinces ballots (Al-Basra, Mayssan, Dhi qar, Al-Muthana, Al-Qadiysia and Wasit) to Baghdad international fair has started in order to run the manual sorting and counting process.

The process of manual sorting and counting will only be run to the electoral centers and stations which are listed in the appeals and complaints reports. The manual sorting and counting is subjected to the legal contexts defined by the high federal court.

The ballots of provinces will be manually sorted and counted in sequence according to the schedule appointed by IHEC starts on Monday 9th July.

IHEC employees of Kharkh and Al-Risafa offices and employees of the president of appeal court were assigned to perform this process under a direct supervision of the BoC members (the mandated judge), UN representative, embassies representative of different nations, political parties’ agents and mass media.


Translated By: Ali Kareem