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A statement issued by the IHEC


Due to the issuance of governmental instructions during the exceptional session of the Council of Ministers and responses of some of the Members of the Council of Representatives on the results of the election, which was conducted recently and the IHEC persistence in revealing the facts to the official authorities, we would like to indicate to the local and international community and the public opinion what follows:

First, the equipment, software and electronic devices which have been used in the recent elections are stipulated in the amended Law of Elections of the Council of Representatives No. (45) of the year 2013 and the IHEC should complete the work with these electronic devices and conduct the elections and the IHEC has fully succeeded in its mission. If it is necessary to present any files for the investigation, we confirm that the IHEC is ready to submit all the documents and records related to these contracts, knowing that all these contracts have been audited by the Board of Supreme Audit and there are no comments thereon.

Second, it was confirmed that the data was transferred in a safely and encrypted manner with submitting the related technical reports that showing the transporter medium and servers are fully secured and non-penetrated. Third, the IHEC did not limit itself to these procedures, but it also provided new servers that are not connected to any internal or external network. The polling data, which containing all the data, images of ballot papers and other reports which were also encrypted have been transmitted through the external USB memory stick attached with the acceleration of declaration of the results device after the end of polling process. These data were transferred and loaded on separate servers. The matching process was then carried out between the data received via the transporter medium after the end of the polling with the data saved on the memory stick. The percentage of matching was 100 % and any difference didn’t appear between the results at all. This process was also conducted in all the provinces except in Kirkuk province because it was impossible to receive the memory stick since there were some parties there that controlled the warehouses and polling centers there.