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A Statement issued by the Board of Commissioners


The Board of Commissioners has announced in a statement that it canceled a number of electoral stations for both the internal and external elections, where it reached to a total of 1,021 polling stations in the Iraqi Parliamentary Elections recently conducted on 12 May 2018.

The technical and legal committees were formed from the IHEC’s employee for this purpose that worked for several days. The outcomes of these committees resulted in the cancelation of roughly 102 polling stations in 10 provinces, which include some polling stations of regular voting, special voting and conditional voting for displaced persons, population movement and in a different way. The IHEC has received the red complaints by the parties’ agents on the polling day, which distributed to the provinces as follows: Erbil (7), Anbar (51), Baghdad\ Al- Karkh (17), Salahaldin (11) and Nineveh (16).

The IHEC wasn’t content only with the complaints and appeals filed by the parties’ agents on the polling day, but it has sent the specialized technical committees for the purpose of auditing the polling stations aforementioned. Roughly (852) polling stations out of (2000) have been audited by those committees in the National Office in Baghdad and distributed as follows; Erbil (73), Anbar (50), Sulaymaniyah (96) Baghdad\ Al- Rusafa (3), Baghdad\ Al- Karkh (3),  Dahuk (224) Diyala (2),  Salahalddin (36) Nineveh (179) Kirkuk (186). Thus, the number of stations that have been canceled reached to (954) stations by the technical committees in the IHEC.

 As for the canceled stations in the elections abroad, there were about (67) polling stations distributed in the following countries: Germany (10), Jordan (22), America (31), Sweden (2), Britain (1) and Turkey (1). The total number of the canceled stations is 1,021 stations inside and outside Iraq for the 2018 elections. For this regard, the investigative committees have been formed to penalize the violators